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Have a masterpiece that needs one more set of eyes before it goes out to publishing?

Let The Word Wiz (BA Hons) beta read your novel!

Beta reading entails a third party reading and critiquing manuscripts before they’re send out to editors or publishers. A beta read also includes a write up at the end and in line comments on the text itself for areas of improvement or areas of excellence.

I will beta read for:


Is your plot intriguing and does it draw people in?

Is your plot coherent?

Are there any plot holes in your story?


How do you characterize your characters?

Do your characters drive the story forward?

Are your characters and their relationships developing throughout the novel?


is your dialogue realistic?

Does your dialogue serve the plot/character development?

Is your dialogue naturalistic?


Do your scenes play out out evenly and readably?

Are there text walls of exposition?

Do your scenes segue into other scenes appropriately?

At the end of the beta read, you will get the text back with in line comments and a write up of the above points, and how to improve your story so that can shine bright like a diamond.

I hope to work with you soon!