Campus Life

Workers union supports legitimate demands of students



After the call for employees to report to work this morning, students at the Ga-rankuwa campus continued to protest. The aggressive response of the South African Police Services (SAPS) has pushed for the workers union, National Education health and Allied Workers Union (NEHAWU) to intervene.

In a statement the union said it is worried about the prevailing situation in the university. It said the EMC has failed to timeously manage the students protest and instead chose to use bullying tactics and intimidation of student leaders.

The statement read as follows “Comrades, it is sad to note that the university is engaging the students in bad faith. Last week Friday a meeting was held between management representatives and the SRC where both parties agreed to resume with negotiations on Monday the 15th of September 2014. To the contrary management resolved to suspend the SRC members before the meeting could even take place for no apparent reason.

The union is worried that the situation is now escalating into violence and the lives of the workers and innocent students are put in danger as long as the situation remains unresolved. The shooting of students by the police this morning in Ga-Rankuwa campus is a sign that the situation is getting out of hand.

We call the university management to come back to its senses and reopen negotiations before a student dies. The union wishes to advice the university management to lift the suspension of the SRC members and stop the purging of the student leaders and then reopen the negotiations to find a lasting solution”.

Meanwhile suspended SRC President General Mbongiseni Dladla, said, their students in Rankuwa were violently attacked by State Security Forces (SAPS) while protesting for Access to Education. He said when students become violent they are characterized to be hooligans and not grateful for being in tertiary but when management become violent they are expected to shout ‘Amen’.  “What happened to our University? A simple issue of Financial Support that require us to engage and act in the best interests of the students has now led to a war in the Institution” he said.


By Mokete Radebe