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Why ambition is good for you

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Ambition is the strong desire and determination to achieve success. Ambition keeps an individual striving for more. Ambition is a globally admired personality trait in an individual. Do you have certain goals that you want to achieve? Are you doing anything to achieve those goals? Here are some steps you can take for you to reach optimum success and life fulfillment.

  1. Set clear defined goals.

You should set clear life goals; it is best if you put them on paper somewhere and start vital planning on how to achieve the goals. Knowing where you want to be in a year is just as important as knowing as knowing where you want to be in a decade.

  1. Associate yourself with positive people.

Networking is vital as it projects ambition. You should make use of the skills and knowledge of the people you meet. Meet people who have the same interests with you and share ideas with them, you’ll be surprised how people you surround yourself with have a great impact on what you become.

  1. Have a lot of hobbies.

Being involved in a lot of extra curriculum activities adds purpose to your life. It shows that you’re an individual who is willing to tackle challenges and improve yourself. Having a lot of hobbies makes you interesting and gives you plenty to talk about.

  1. Be an approachable and confident individual.

Let ambition be a process of self-development; acquire skills and knowledge in other fields. Good eye contact, confident body language, a smile, and the basic good manners of a greeting and introduction are vital when introducing you. Dress appropriately at all times, you can’t be wearing washed out jeans and a torn t-shirt and expect people to take you seriously.


  1. Be decisive and influential.

You should be able to make decisions that would be able to contribute to your success. Knowing your moral grounds as a person makes you admirable and influential. People who have charisma are more likely to be influential.

  1. Accept Challenges.

Take charge of situations and try stay ahead of the curve. Accept failures, because sometimes failure might be a stepping stone or direction towards something else. Grab opportunities that come your way and try keep up to date with your industry.

  1. Reward yourself for your ongoing accomplishments.

Reward yourself with small treats for your hard work. Through hard work there’s other big rewards coming your way but a little self-appreciation can add value to your life. Try something new, buy yourself a new item, take yourself out for lunch or breakfast and enjoy every minute of it. Live a little.


By Mothekgi Mphahlele