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Welcome Back Rhodents!

Welcome Back Rhodents


Welcome back from the quick little vac Rhodents! Term four is what we like to call, death- term. I know. Scary right? We officially have about a month until SWOT week and exams. If you’re suddenly feeling a little terrified, the good news is that I have compiled a short survival guide below!

1)    Get your assignments done. As easy as it may seem to just stay in holiday mode, I really would advise you to get things done. Nothing is worse than having exams AND assignments to finish.

2)    Limit the party hours. I know you feel all ‘carpe diem’ since you’re almost done with this year and you might not be coming back next year, but don’t make the mistake of thinking this is O-Term, it certainly isn’t. Maybe cut back on your nights at The Rat and Friairs to just one night a weekend instead of three.

3)    Get a study buddy. I mean this in the most literal sense possible! Team up with someone who will be able to push you to work as hard as you can, make sure you’re at lectures and actually knows what is going on.

4)    Be a good study buddy. Come on- you know we all hate that person who never goes to lectures, never hands in assignments on time, but around exam time, they suddenly become the best student to ever have kept their DP as well as the friendliest person on the planet. Don’t be that person. If you know you’re behind, don’t worry- you’ve got two months to get your life in order…. Get ready, set- GO!


By Shirley Erasmus