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Ways to manage your student budget even better

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Students may feel restricted by the monthly allowance that they get. Parents normally send a lump sum monthly allowance with no detailed expenses budget of the student only what is more important like rent, yet they expect you to live? It happens get over it. Having a bursary at university lightens your burden as a student and you have more money to spend if you spend it wisely. Here are ways in which you can manage your finances even better.

  • Draw up a monthly budget
  • Pay your rent, water and electricity bills first before allocating money to spend on yourself.
  • Buy toiletry and detergents.
  • Cut your phone bills for example buy megabytes in bulk rather than buying it in small quantities. Switch of your own data usage when you are on campus and utilize the free wifi on campus
  • Use a bicycle to travel to campus, or walk if you live closer to campus or also take the bus because is so much cheaper than taxis as it has weekly and monthly tickets at discount prices.
  • Prevent buying unnecessary items buy having a list of what you want to buy at the supermarket.
  • Cook in bulk and freeze your food, this saves you a whole lot of money.
  • Make packed lunch as campus may be expensive.
  • Take advantage of specials when you are buying food on campus. That’s where you normally get value for your money.
  • Take advantage of student discounts when going out, Why not opt for student night when you know that drinks prices are reduced?Being sociable doesn’t have to be expensive – think nights in with housemates, free events at your union or two-for-one cinema nights.
  • When printing print double sided black and white pages to save, and check other printing shops for alternative cheaper prices
  • When you want to buy items like clothes for yourself, it is advisable that you at least buy at least two items monthly.

By Mothekgi Mphahlele