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It is Spring and you know what its all about: getting that red flirtatious dress you have always wanted or getting your hair done for that special outing with your chommies or your bubu. However there is also the Vic Theron and Webber’s spring race taking place on the 27th of september 2014 at 07:00 am to 05:00 pm. Medals will be awarded to all finishers and prizes to category winners. There will also be a lucky draw. Enter at Achilles Running club the whole week before, from 5-7 pm or via email ( Pre-entries close friday 26 September 2014. You can also enter on race day from 6-6:45 am. Walkers and weel chair users are welcome. You can phone Beverly Oliver at 0718953183 so that se can give you all the information you need regarding the event. Remember that this is a race celebrating spring, so get those takkies cleaned up for the race and I guarantee you that you won’t regret it, after all the proceeds go to a worthy cause that is adding to the growth of South Africa and also remember that everyone is a winner, you do not have to claim the number one spot, you just have to be there with your smile and of cause don’t forget the running shoes. just try, at least!