Campus Life

Varsity netball is here



If you’re like me, and you’re a part of the large number of NMMU students who are still very much upset, distraught, devastated at our football’s team early exit from the Varsity football campaign, I’m all but certain that you will be happy to know that our esteemed institution has an opportunity to redeem itself through the doings of our Netball side.

I mean let’s be honest, NMMU is the home of champions; loss and defeat is foreign to us, in fact the mere thought of such things is repulsive. Last year our varsity netball side did extremely well, finishing second on the combined log subsequently making the semi-finals.  Unfortunately were unable to go all the way and they were ultimately knocked out.

But, 2014 is a new year, and with it comes new challenges, new opportunities and new potential victories. The campaign is set to start around about mid-to late September and runs into October sometime, they details are still a little fuzzy; but as always, Ill be keeping my finger on the pulse for you.

Start making space and time for supporting our team this year, from what I hear not only will they be the most talented people on the court against their opponents they will also be mesmerizingly beautiful; but then again what’s new? Come on Madibaz, BACK YOUR LADIES!


By Mabaso Majiza