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UJ students elevate fresh produce market Soweto



Tomorrow’s leaders are not only bright university students but also passionate about entrepreneurship and helping others.

A group of Enactus student volunteers of the University of Johannesburg’s (UJ) Department of Business Management epitomised those leadership and caring qualities. They have set themselves the task of raising the profile of unemployed individuals in disadvantaged communities to winning heights by challenging the status quo and the monopoly in the entrepreneurial sectors by opening the door of opportunity through a multi-stakeholder engagement project that aims to create opportunities for urban agriculture in a sustainable food system in Soweto.

Bontle Diale, a student involved in the Imvelo Market project said that: “It was imperative to promote the launch of the market. We wanted to create awareness around urban farming and educate consumers of the benefits it holds – the creation of employment, the eradication of poverty and the building of a positive and sustainable environment within the Soweto community. The hands-on experience helped build teamwork and communications skills while our outreach efforts assist with the bettering of the community. To be involved this project was an enriching experience for UJ’s team”

The Imvelo Market in Naledi, Soweto, a community forum project with the aim to eradicate poverty by encouraging Soweto residents to grow their own organic produce in order to become self-sustainable in such a way that they will be able to serve and boost prosperity in their community.