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UJ produces record number of first-year top achievers

Top Achievers: Julia Maria  Passler(left), Donne Brenda Stevenson (middle) and Margaux Fourie (right)      image courtesy UJ

Top Achievers: Julia Maria Passler(left), Donne Brenda Stevenson (middle) and Margaux Fourie (right) image courtesy UJ


The June 2014 examinations produced a record number of first-year top achievers since the inception of UJ.

342 first-year top achieving students were honored at the University’s annual First-year Top Achievers Ceremony on last week. The ceremony awarded students who obtained an average of 75% or more in their June 2014 examinations.

The top three achievers obtained an average of 89% plus. Donne Brenda Stevenson, who matriculated from Waterstone College, obtained an overall average of 89.75%, and is studying towards a BSc in Mathematical Science. Margaux Fourie received a more than admirable second place with an average of 89.25%. Margaux is studying BSc Information Technology, and she matriculated from Helpmekaar Private School. Julia Maria Passler, who matriculated abroad, is studying towards a BA in Social Work. She achieved an average of 88.25%.​

“I did not aim to become a top achiever. I really did not expect it. Although I have worked hard, I need to commend UJ for all its support, said Donne, the top first-year achiever.

Julia echoed Donne’s sentiments adding that UJ contributed to her achievement in many ways. “My lecturers and tutors were all very helpful and always willing to answer any questions. It also helped a lot that most learning material was available in Blackboard, an online system which makes it easy to study from wherever I was.”

The Faculty of Economic and Financial Sciences produced 132 of these achievers, followed by the Faculty of Engineering and the Built Environment with 48 and the Fa​culty of Management with 45. The Faculty of Education and the Faculty of Humanities, each had 34 top achievers. The Faculty of Health Sciences, the Faculty of Law and the Faculty of Science boast 17, 12 and 11, top achievers, respectively. The Faculty of Art, Design and Architecture produced 7 top achievers.

Adapted from university website