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UCT Cycling club to conquer Everest

photo credit: UCT website

photo credit: UCT website


On 7 September, while most students were returning home from a night out on the town, eight UCT Cycling Club members gathered to begin their attempt at ‘Mount Everest’.

Their aim was to ascend the equivalent height of the highest peak in the world in a single ride.

The eight were Jonty Adams, Gregg Christy, Emily Clarke, Wayde Finch, Craig Getz, Bruce Hughes, Edwin Mooney and Liam Swanson. A ride of this magnitude had not yet been recorded in Africa.

The UCT cyclists had extra motivation to see this challenge through as all money raised during this ride would go to Velokhaya, a cycling academy based in Khayelitsha, which uses cycling as a medium to steer youths away from the negative influences that plague marginalised communities.

In order to be inducted into the ‘Everesting’ hall of fame as the first Africans to complete this challenge, the team needed to choose a single hill that they would have to climb repeatedly until they had ascended 8 848 vertical metres.

The team chose the winding road from Camps Bay to the top of Signal Hill. Covering a distance of 303km over a period of 19 hours, the cyclists road throughout the day and late into the night.

Finally, at 22h00 on Sunday night, four of the starters – Swanson, Getz, Adams, and Finch – conquered the hill for their 24th and final time having ascended just over 9 000m and in the process raising nearly R25 000 for Velokhaya.


Article source: UCT Website