Campus Life

TUT strike leaves students hospitalised



Despite yesterday’s protests at Ga-rankuwa campus, which left a number of students critically injured and some hospitalised. TUT commenced classes today.

In the early hours of this morning the students started with their protests forcing staff members to wait outside. The effects of the strike have barricaded the main and west gate at the Pretoria main campus, also forcing the closing of gates at the arts campus. Indeed as the student leaders had promised that they will bring masses, the numbers have today seen a significant rise.

Other campuses like the Witbank campus then joined in, although they were attacked by Police. Updating we chat, suspended President General, Mbongiseni Dladla, said just an hour ago student leaders including Campus President were arrested but they can assure everyone that they are now released and continuing with the peaceful protest.

Meanwhile in Soshanguve Campus students went head on with Mafoko Security guards, who shot students with rubber bullets.  Addressing his masses Mbongiseni said, Mafoko are not their target. They are not fighting for Security jobs/posts but access to education. He said security guards are as they are because of challenges of access to education and should they not fight for Free and Quality Education it means their children will also be security guards.

Mbongiseni said he calls upon students in Soshanguve not to fight or provoke security guards. “How does a man or woman earning R3500.00 per month become your enemy? That man/woman is as poor as many of us. A poor man/woman can’t be your enemy” he said.

Mbongiseni , said those who deprive them a right to education are earning millions, including owners of the companies that have been robbing their parents. He urged the masses not to lose focus. He said is not true that a protest is only serious when it’s violent but management want them to be violent so they can evict students from residences.

“I humble appeal to leaders and marshals to safeguard the interests of students and exploited workers. Africa cannot afford to have more cracks” added Mbongiseni.


By Mokete Radebe