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Tuks students giving back through a bag trend

bag trend


Firstly a cotton on foundation bag was sold for R18 at Typo,Hatfield plaza. It wasn’t very long that students had bought these bags. These bags are used to carry books to campus on a daily basis when attending classes. What makes the bag special is not only because it is fashionable, but because 100% of the proceeds from the sale of the bag will be donated to projects. Girly Matlejoane,a second year Biochemistry student said that she found the bag really fashionable,and felt that her books weighed much lighter than when she used her school bag, besides finding the bag at a really affordable price,the most fulfilling part has been one where she’s contributing to projects.

Later Mr Price also sold similar bags with the same purpose but they have reached a vast majority of students. It was also sold at really affordable price as it was R19. A lot of ladies from tuks love these bags so much that some of them did not only buy one but instead they bought two or three. Asanda Sijako, a third year marketing student said that she had bought a cotton on bag before,but has recently bought two Mr price foundation bags and that she encourages students to buy these bags not only because they are fashionable but also to give back to the community . Fellow tukkies have been flocking to the stores to get one and this portrays the dedication and compromise that they have to contribute to develop within communities. Since this has been a season of giving back students might as well buy for the friends too and spread the love of making a difference.


By Mothekgi Mphahlele