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The same boat

The same boat



My dear WeChat readers, you must be a bit tired of reading about all the Grahamstown water problems, unfortunately, for those living without water, the problem is a very real issue. Rhodents are feeling the effects of not having water a week down the line. Here are a few of the things you might be experiencing:

1)    Who are your real friends?

Oppidans who still have friends living in res, begin to realise how much they value their residence friends, how much they value getting double booked meals from their residence friends in the dining hall and how much they missed having water almost always….

2)    Fist bumping is no longer an option.

If you’re feeling like you’ve got a swamp living under your armpits, and are starting to rethink your weekend Friairs, Prime and Champs activities, then the good news is that you’re not alone! The bad news is, I still wouldn’t encourage you to go out on the prowl this weekend- it might not end well.

3)    Paying for water is hard.

You realise, especially when Pick n Pay puts up the price of their water, how expensive paying for water can be. You also realise how expensive wet wipes, deodorant and nose plugs can be…

4)    Hustling Hard.

Rhodents know how to hustle when they need to. We can hustle lifts out to the spring about 2km outside of Grahamstown. We can hustle bottle of water from our friends by swapping basically anything from cigarettes to wine.

5)    Speaking of wine….

When the going gets tough- we still know how to have a good time!


By Shirley Erasmus