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We have been led by our government to believe that we are free, however the complexity and vastness that the word freedom carries has been looked at through but not thorough. In my observant yet firm opinion I believe freedom is a lie and justice is an illusion. Why do I say so, well recent reports of police brutality are there to prove my point. How can the people entrust their safety to people who dehumanize them despite the fact that one is innocent till proven guilty? We are not free, instead as Karl Marx once said, ” We walk the streets believing we are free, yet we fail to realize that we are in one big prison because we still live in fear of the unknown which is bound to happen, and we have no control over fate”. The statement is actually true. Just to touch the story of Oscar Pistorius, he has not yet been convicted,only charged. What I don’t understand is why can’t he be found guilty of murder despite the motives? Society expected him to  be charged for the fact that he took someone’s life. A qualifying percentage of people on every social media who have been following the trial felt that he decided to play god for a minute and yet he has still not ripped the bitter fruit of the Steenkamp’s injustice. He took away someone’s daughter that they have raised their whole lives,investing time,money and love in that child so that one day she can do the same for someone. We live in a sick,twisted man made society that hides its contents with a flashy cover to blind one of the real truth.
just try, at least!


By Ntaoleng Labane