Campus Life

The battle lines have been drawn



Wednesday the 20th of August 2014 marked the beginning of a time within the life and times of student life that will prove to be rather rigorous, colourful and interesting to say the least. The time for student organizations to stand up, flex and convince us is here. Elections are all but here.

The vice-chancellor made a pronouncement allowing for the commencement of authorized campaigning-and this process was in turn greeted with an election debate that was held at Xanadu residence, consisting of DASO, SASCO and EFFSC.

The theme of the day was one dominated by the issues surrounding NSFAS issues, a topic close to the hearts of students as a large contingent of our students are funded by this structure. Needless to say that the debate was heated with the different organizations having very different views in regard to what the way forward should be.

Alas, one thing we know for sure is that this promises to be a titanic battle for the trust of students, and only time will reveal who’s been most effective. Remember, voting takes place on the 17th of September. Go out and vote!


By Mabaso Majiza