Campus Life

Thalia : “Die Wortel van alle kwaad”




Last week Thalia Toneel entertained students with their anual main production, titeld “Die Wortel van alle kwaad”.

The story revolved around Sarel van der Merwe, Herman Thompson en Oom Henning that are in the hospital waiting for prostate opperations.  Later a fourth character, Rushdie Latief joins them.  While they are waiting they are complaining about all aspects of life.  Two nurses, Frieda, Sarel’s ex girlfriend of twenty years ago is one of the nurses that are looking after them.  In the end Sarel tried to rekindle their love after it ended due to Apartheid.


A lot of problems that are relevant to the situasion in South Africa was addressed like alcohol abuse, aging, language issues and intercultural relationships.  The script was written by Hans Pienaar and directed by Leroux Malan and Arisa Janse van Rensburg.


The production was well put together and the actors portrayed their characters in a convincing manner.  There were a lot of really humorous moments, but unfortunately the chemistry between the main love interest lacked.



By Mizan van der Merwe