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Suspended SRC sends VC an open letter



Following their suspension, 7 hours before their scheduled meeting, the suspended SRC felt the need to give the Vice Chancellor and Principal of Tshwane University of Technology (Prof Nthabiseng Ogude) a peace of their mind through an open letter.

The open letter was sent on September 16, 2014 at 4:59pm through the office of the suspended Secretary General Signified Tivana with a title an open letter to The Vice Chancellor and Principal of Tshwane University of Technology (Prof Nthabiseng Ogude)

In an interview with we chat this morning suspended Secretary General (SG) Signified Tivana, said with the letter their aim is not to disrespect the Vice Chancellor, but to express their feelings regarding her response to the demands they have raised.

Speaking about the biblical quote on the first paragraph of the letter SG said, he is a man of God but there is nothing he can do when the only platform availed is to strike. He said if there were any alternative ways to approach these challenges he would have exhausted them.

Taking us through some of the content on the SG said, the letter first introduces itself in this manner “I then resolved to respond to you and the TUT Community at large to know that the rule of law is abused and the voice of reason is suppressed”.

Among other things SG said, that the letter also addresses the action to suspend the Central and Local SRCs as an emotional one and they are certain that Plato must be turning in his grave to learn that in the 21st Century there are Academic who use emotions to take decisions instead of affording differing stakeholders to challenge one another intellectually without any fear of victimization.

According to SG the letter stated that the university lacks proper structures to address students concerns and only formulate task teams when issues have come to their attention which logic can only dictate that such a task team will not be prepared for the task except for starting to investigate the challenge when it is brought to their attention.

In closure the SG urged students to unite against this oppression even if they are not in need of the financial aid.

The full detailed letter can be accessed at:


By Mokete Radebe