Campus Life

Surviving the bus!

tour bus traveling down a major highway


So it’s that time of year again. Our vacation next week may only be a week long, but it seems like everyone is ready to get some home-care. Judging by the amount of bus tickets going up for sale on the SRC Facebook page, it appears that some students are re-thinking the long journey home:


The good news is that I have all the tips you need to survive while travelling on Greyhound, Intercape, Translux and even City to City.


1)     Prepare yourself mentally, for potentially late trips, breakdowns or delays. These types of situation are bound to happen and once you have accepted that this might be the case you can much easier decide to put your headphones in and take a nap rather than worry about the trip.

2)    Speaking of taking a nap- for overnight trips or even trips you need to take early in the morning- I would recommend taking a nap. Not only will this shorten the time of the trip, but the chances are that you’ll arrive at your destination well rested and ready to celebrate being at home!

3)    Create a travelling playlist. The playlist will include everything from the soundtrack of Lord of the Rings (or Game of Thrones) anything that will make you feel like you’re busy taking a heroic and epic journey. Trust me on this one! If you feel like that’s too nerdy; then consider creating a Friars playlist, something that will jog your memory of any shocking things that may have happened while in a drunken state at Frairs- by the time you get off the bus having re-lived each song, I’m sure you’ll be very happy that you’re far away from Grahamstown!

By Shirley Erasmus