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Survey to measure poverty in SA



Statistics SA is conducting a survey to measure the level of poverty and inequality in the country, it said on Wednesday.


The collection of data would begin on October 12 this year and end on October 30, 2015 with approximately 32 000 dwellings to be visited, StatsSA poverty and inequality statistics executive manager Nozipho Shabalala told reporters in Pretoria.


Detailed income and expenditure data, information on education, housing, social welfare, health, poverty, and living circumstances would be gathered.


The first survey was conducted in 2008 to 2009 at 25 075 households. It was conducted every five years.


The next survey was expected to be conducted in 2013 but due to lack of funding the date was pushed to 2014, Shabalala said.


The aim of the survey is to profile poverty and inequality to help the country’s goals in reducing the Gini coefficient, currently at 0.69.


The coefficient is a number between zero (perfect equality) and one (perfect inequality).


The National Development Plan aimed to reduce the coefficient to 0.60 by 2030.


Article and image source: Fin24