Campus Life

Study break or Holiday?



Today marks the beginning, the beginning of what is commonly referred to as a varsity recess, but fellow students don’t be fooled, please. I’m pretty sure if you look at your broader academic situation you will find that the second term your semester is absolutely drowned in assignments and tests that of course have a direct impact on your DP.

Don’t get me wrong, recharging the batteries is very important, some time with the significant other, lunch with the family, a visit to a club or two or three or…..never mind. You get the picture. But in all this I think it would be a good idea if we grounded our time of relaxation with some flirting and engagement with the textbooks.

Enjoy the recess though, if you follow my writings, do not fear, I’m not going anywhere. Ill be giving you an insight into my recess period. Have fun and stay safe, we want you reading these articles for a LONG time to come. #Sharp Sharp