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Students talk about the Oscar Trial

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What stood out for you in the Oscar Pistorius Trial?


In the foundation of South African Law is you can’t convict someone of being guilty when there is still doubt. The evidence that was presented was why he got the verdict that he did, not so much that he wasn’t guilty or he didn’t murder her but his lawyer played it so well that he created doubt.

Ngaa Murombedzi, Honours Development Studies


Probably the fact that he wasn’t found for murder and also that there was so much support on his side so even though he did murder her he still has a lot of support.

Shanaz Robson, 2nd year BA


As a law student I think Judge Masipa didn’t handle it well enough. I think she overlooked certain aspects in law that were very important and that’s why it’s going to be revisited.

Onke Mazaleni, 3rd year BCom LLB


Even though he is now only being found for culpable homicide she [Judge Masipa] justified it to the point. Even though people keep saying it’s so corrupt but they can’t justify it they haven’t watched because when you watch it she really did justify why she made the calling but she did contradict herself at some points.

Alex Foulshan, 1st year Occupational Therapy


Gerrie Nel put up a good fight, the state’s case was strong in my opinion but the problem is at the end of the day it’s in the judges hands. Masipa has 15 years’ experience and I have no experience at all in Law. When she was reading out the verdict, she was precise, she made sense out of it even though I had already convicted him.

Nsovo Baloyi, 3rd year Mining Engineering.

Someone died so surely they could review something like that. Obviously now we thinking was it competent what if it was a different race, would it have been the same. Also raise questions of wealth and how money can make many things go your way.

Axel Kayoka, 3rd year Civil Engineering


What really interested me is how it sparked a whole lot of public interest and the jokes that came along with it were really funny.

Wilton Antonio, 4th year Civil Engineering