Campus Life

Students, stand up!



So, you’re a student, you’re stressed and probably daunted at the task that lies before you this fourth term, right? And so you should be. But what if I put it to you that there are people who may just have bigger problems and need to your help to alleviate their worries/stress?

Blessing Christian School are looking for students to volunteer at the school for street children

The school is situated in 27 Westbourne Road in Central and currently has 100 students.

The school takes the children out of the streets, rehabilitates them and try’s and place them back into the mainstream of school again. It is very challenging but also rewarding.


They are in need of volunteers to help out at the school .Your qualifications/ field of study don’t matter, as long as these children can learn something from you. The school follows the CAPS Government Curriculum.

All interested candidates are welcome to forward their CV


“Service to others is the rent we have to pay for living on this earth”-Muhammad Ali. So, NMMU family, let’s go out there and make a difference.


By Mabaso Majiza