Campus Life

Student problems



Student life is often very stressful and often we are the only ones to blame, but we are still young and all we want to do is have fun. Below are some of student problems that most, if not all, students have to deal with.


1. The only thing lower than my marks is my bank account.

2. “My assignment is due tomorrow.”


“When did you get it?”


“A month ago”

3. I need money, but I can’t find work

4. I’m so hungry… Two minute noodles it is.

5. Having to choose between going out, staying home in bed watching series or finishing that assignment.

6. You spend so much cash on caffeine, that Redbull should sponsor you.

7. You want to go on a date but you don’t have enough money.

8. All these things to buy but so little money

9. Childhood games have now turned into drinking games

10. I love eating food but I hate making it.

11. Sitting down in an exam and looking at your paper like “WTF”

12. People are leaking celebrity sex tapes but no one leaks pdf versions of textbooks.

13. Apparently it takes 30 days to form a habit, I’ve been going to varsity for 900 days now and I still hate waking up for it in the mornings.

14. Learning everything before the exam and forgetting everything by the start of the new semester

15. Sleeping till noon because someone said “You’re going to regret that in the morning”

16. Your student card picture is even worse than your picture on your license

17. My wall becomes more exciting than anything else while I’m studying


Article from JHB Students