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Stone Armour

Helmet and armor. Limestone. Qin Dynasty (221-206 BC). Excavated In 1998, Chinese archaeologists unearthed a burial chamber to the southeast of the tomb mound. There they excavated more than 80 sets of ceremonial armour made out of limestone plates, forty helmets and horse armour. The armour was made out of limestone plates, more than 600 individual plates per set, which were connected by bronze wires that gave the plate enough flexibility to allow theoretical movement.

This was not actual usable armour, however. They’re stone copies of the two kinds of armour that were used: the leather armour with rectangular plates of the common soldier and the iron fish-scale armour of the generals. Get a glimpse of the stone armour at the Terracotta exhibition, currently at the Silverstar Casino until 24 August 2016.

The exhibition will then move to the Centurion Mall from 3 September until 27 November 2016.