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SABC recommends less Afrikaans in 7 de laan



According to an article by the Sunday newspaper, Rapport, the popular Afrikaans soapie, 7de Laan, will soon be less Afrikaans.


“Rapport has learned that the SABC expects the Afrikaans dialogue to be cut from 90% to 80%. English and other indigenous languages will now be increased to 20%,” the newspaper reported.


Eyebrows were also raised about the fact that black actors had to speak Afrikaans on the popular soap. During negotiations with the SABC to renew the soap for a new season some individuals felt it was unfair and “unnatural” to expect black actors to learn Afrikaans dialogue.


Danie Odendaal, 7de Laan producer, told Huisgenoot that the SABC appointed a new director to assist with the latest season of the show and to ensure that the soap reflects the current South African demographic.


According to Odendaal the SABC felt that the soap could better represent the South African market if it had more brown and black representatives in the creative team. The new team members had not been appointed yet.


Kaizer Kganyago, spokesperson for the SABC, declined to comment on the internal negotiations.


He did however add that the 7de Laan audience is 39% brown, 30% white and 29% black. According to him 7de Laan was never a “white soapie”.


Article and image source:  Channel24