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Raymond Mhlaba’s legacy!

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Last Night the South Campus auditorium hosted the annual Raymond Mhlaba memorial lecture under the banner/theme of “balancing the complexities of integrated land reform for sustainable development. What is to be done?”

The Vice-chancellor was in attendance and the keynote address was given by the minister of rural development and Land reform, Mr Gugile Nkwinti. The Auditorium was packed to capacity with students and media people alike interested to hear what the minister had to say about a topic that has been a great source of controversy.

Interestingly, he made a lot of positive pronouncements, stating that the issue of land is incredibly challenging as everyone needs to be catered for, under this umbrella of democracy that we function under and are accountable to as a government and society. He also gave us some insight into “Oom Ray’s” life and upbringing, saying that he was a diligent, honest, insightful human being that was loved and immensely respected by Madiba as well.

As a student though (I hope I can be forgiven) the cherry on top was the delicious food that was served at the event. AMAZING. And befitting of a lecture that was so appetising, if you ask me. May we as students continue to engage in such events as we are the future and we must be informed.


By Mabaso Majiza