Campus Life




You have heard about them, you have seen them on campus spotting red, blue and black shirts every friday, but most importantly you should know about their charitable work done in the heart of Bloemfontein. This time our group of super heroes visited the Lebone Village on the 12th of September and had massive fun with the kids there, playing games, telling jokes and cuddling. They showed so much affection in their selflessness one would swear they are getting paid to do it, but they are not. Every year they visit the homes twice to check on progress and see if there is anything that the homes are in need of. They only require that you bring your old clothes that are still in wearable conditions, old toys and maybe some canned food. They also kindly ask you to bring pet food and toys when visiting the SPCA. I urge people to join as this is a great initiative, really heart warming and totally worth it. You do not have to be a member to donate, you can just go to the Psychology building, second floor and look for the PSA office. We need more South Africans like these so that our communities can grow and prosper. just try, at least!




By Ntaoleng Labane