Campus Life




Being selfless means putting other people’s needs before your own. It is being thoughtful and considerate for your fellow man without expecting any compensation back. Which is what the Psychology Association or PSA is doing. This group of young men and women are interacting with the community of Bloemfontein in ways you could not imagine. They visit homes, shelters and schools assisting in every way they can by donating edibles such as canned food, toiletry, toys and even clothes for children in homes who are less fortunate and live in circumstances many of us do not have to endure. Every year new leaders with the best credentials are recruited to head up the team the following year. At the beginning of each year, new members who are willing to donate to this worthy cause join to help uplift our community, and believe me their efforts do not go unnoticed. They are truly phenomenal beings and extra-ordinary in every kind of way. If you wish to be part of this fantastic outreach next year, please contact Karla on 082 747 3864 as she is one of the leaders and she will be able to give you all the info you need regarding the association. As Martin Luther King once said, “Life’s most persistent and urgent question is,”What are you doing for others?”. Indeed you will find the question to be rather relevant in today’s modern society.
just try, at least!