Campus Life




The Odeion School of Music offers a comprehensive program of quality teaching, training and research in both the artistic and academic spheres with a need to deliver well rounded professional musicians, educators and researchers. The staff is made of a caliber of highly competent and experienced specialists in the fields of performance, teaching and research, as well as an administrative component of well qualified support personnel in academic, general and concert administration.

The academic program comprises of both the undergraduate and postgraduate learning, while specialized focus areas contain historically informed performance practice, Schenenkerian analysis and cultural musicology. A broad range of instrumental and vocal tuition is offered, teamed with the presence of several performance and training ensembles.

Well if you are a first year and have never heard the orchestra perform, then you are in luck. The Odeion is showcasing their musical talent on the 18th of September 2014 in the Odeion music building. Be sure not to miss out on our future Beethovens as they rise to the occasion.just try, at least!

By Ntaoleng Labane