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Ollie Viljoen, famous musician, dies


Music legend Ollie Viljoen died on Sunday at the age of 76.

His daughter, Enel, confirmed his death toMaroela Media on Sunday evening.

Viljoen was a famous accordion player, who received a Sama award for an album with Valiant Swart named Vuur En Vlam in the Best Traditional Afrikaans Album category.

Enel said that her father died in his sleep in hospital after being admitted there last week because of blood circulation problems.

Viljoen was admitted to hospital at the end of July and was discharged on 1 August, after he received treatment for heart failure.

Viljoen has been dubbed the “Boeremusiek Koning” by media and fans around South Africa, according to Mixed Apples.

Mixed Apples reports that he was always naughty, enthusiastic and ready for a tune or three, and has travelled South Africa extensively, and usually brought the house down.

Karen Zoid has sent her condolences to the family on her Facebook page, and also had a lot to say about Viljoen. She shared a song that she did with him. At 02:24 you can hear Viljoen’s accordion solo.