Campus Life

No Intervarsity……



So, if you’re a social misfit like me and you’ve been yearning for an opportunity to socialize and mix with different crowds from different spheres of life I guess, at the platform that intervarsity provides, I’m sorry to say that; it’s not going to happen.

A couple of weeks ago I reported that the SRC had issued a statement saying that intervarsity had been postponed to a later date, owing to the student protests taking place at Fort hare-the hosts. At the time, the grapevine suggested that the event would take place this weekend (The 12th), but with no word coming from the relevant stakeholders on all fronts, we as students are all but confident that the event will not happen this year.

Logistically, nothing has materialized and with the craziness that is the fourth term looming large, the coming together of the event is all but impossible. Well, I guess not everything can go your way, even for misfits like me. Bye-Bye Intervarsity, hopefully we will see you next year!


By Mabaso Majiza