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Maties to raise the bar



Stellenbosch University centre and wing attack Melandie Pretorius believes they will do better in this year’s Varsity Netball campaign.


Last year, Maties managed to win only three of their seven matches which had them finish in sixth position. Pretorious reckons now that they know what to expect in the competition, they will raise the bar.


Maties will start their quest to improving with an away match to North West University- Pukke.


“Last year we struggled with the Samsung Power Play and having to play while there is loud music in the background. These are some of the things that we had to adjust to, even though we still have work to do, and we are doing well in these aspects.


“I am excited and looking forward to the start of the tournament. I think we will do quite well this year. Looking at our performance at the USSA, we did well, which also served as preparation for Varsity Netball,” she said.


With this year’s competition having an age restriction, Pretorious said this does not have any bearing on her team as none of their players is over the age limit of 25.


“We have a lot of young players, some have been playing for two to three years but we also have new players that just came to the team. We don’t have any players that won’t be allowed to play like the other universities which have senior player, we won’t have that problem.


“That makes a difference in the kind of experience and quality of play on the court. Even though our players are young, we won’t struggle with losing players that are not eligible to compete. We have a good, strong structure and we are ready,” she added .

Article and image source: VarsitySport