Campus Life

Madibaz radio, engines ready!



If you follow my writings you will know that Madibaz radio hosted a training workshop for its personalities this past weekend at the Xanadu-Melody dining hall and boy oh boy what a successful workshop it was. Radio personalities from the national-locally based radio station “Umhlobo Wenene” in Lulu, Khayakazi, and Mafa hosted the workshop and gave our personalities advice about the do’s and do-not’s on radio.

Naturally our personalities asked a host of questions trying to create these perimeters around what they should do and shouldn’t do when they are on air and how they should go about putting their best foot forward. Our hosts were amazing themselves and were only too happy to extend the hand of knowledge to our novices.

Once again, the Madibaz project is gaining momentum and should culminate in the first or second week of September. So, keep your finger on the pulse.


By Mabaso Majiza