Campus Life

Lights, camera……




Can you smell it? Can you feel it? Once again it is my duty to inform you that the NMMU landscape is changing, Madibaz family. Last night saw the whole Madibaz Radio team involved in a photo-shoot that will see the broader Student population getting the opportunity to put faces to the voices they will hear in about a week’s time.

As someone who sat amongst the personalities as they waited for their turn in front of the camera, the vibe I experienced was absolutely electric. The level of excitement amongst the personalities is really something to behold. One can only hope that the excitement amongst the students is just as high.

So watch out for the posters on Facebook, twitter, Instagram and of course, all around campus.

P.s Don’t be surprised if you come back to varsity next week, to find an active radio; after all- this project is REAL. Madibaz radio #coming soon