Campus Life

Let’s help out



It is that time of the year again, good people, where the snow turns to sand and the trees look glad for spring is here!. Now the average Joe will perhaps not fully appreciate the ramifications a change of season is accompanied by. Fear not, I will indulge you.

Obviously, we have moved from winter; a season that is characterized by all things warm, fuzzy and of course the over-consumption of food. What does this mean for the poor, you ask? It means they are in a bit of pickle when it comes to their reserves.

Thankfully, the PEPSA society under the banner of Pharmacy week has a launched a canned food drive in an attempt to assist Sinethemba Childrens Home in the work they do for destitute kids around Port Elizabeth. Canned food is preferred because of its longevity, of course.

So, when you can-but before Thursday the 4th of September; pop down to the ground floor of the South Campus library and make a donation. I definitely will!


By Mabaso Majiza