Campus Life

Jobs, Jobs, Jobs



Jobs, Jobs, Jobs. This is probably the most important word in the life and times of a student, either because you want a job yourself or you want to create employment for other people. Either way, having employment is almost a fundamental component of human life, development and existence.

Second avenue campus saw the students’ rights organization, The Black Management Forum (BMF) and AIESEC hosted a dialogue on youth employment, its effects on the economy, young people and the country as a whole. Refreshingly though, the dialogue was solutions based and saw young people voicing their opinions on what they think should be done to help them become more employable.

Policies like the National Development plan were critically scrutinized and engaged with in a very intellectual manner. As a young person myself, I am affected by this issue, in fact we all are; therefore I would like to commend the stakeholders for the sterling work they did in putting together such a great initiative.

If you missed this one, make sure you check your emails for the dates surrounding the next discussion. It is fruitful.