Campus Life

Jika Mabebeza!



So, the end of diversity month (August) was sent on its merry way with an absolute banger! I mean there was something awfully apocalyptic about what happened on Wednesday. Okay fine, I’m being a little dramatic again; I’m sorry. But Wednesday was ama-zin-g!

What happened on Wednesday, you ask? Micasa was here! And boy oh boy did they tear it up! They performed some of their classics all the way to their recent jams and got the student population moving their feet. We still think that it was absolute torture having them perform in the middle of the week with all these test, but hey- these things happen.

Micasa was also interviewed by our Madibaz radio family and fundamentally questioned about all the diversity that exits in their group, they said it’s all that brotherly love. Catch the full interview on Madibaz radio Youtube channel to see the full interview. They really are genuinely cool chaps. Bye bye diversity month-until next year!