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Jammie starts pilot project



The UCT Jammie Shuttle Service will be changing its routes as of Monday, 8 September, with the introduction of a pilot project.  This project is intended to cut costs and ensure that the shuttle system will be sustainable for the future. The new system will undergo a testing period until Tuesday, 30 September.

Following a three week trial, the project will be assessed and if proven to be effective the changes will be made permanent.  Implementation of this plan is included under the Properties and Services portfolio at UCT. The pilot project is anticipated to cause an initial inconvenience to students and there is expected to be a necessary period of adjustment.

The central changes to the system will be the closure of the West Stop and the introduction of a new South Stop.  South Stop will be moved to the Stop and Drop along Rugby Road, where the Sandown Jammie currently operates on Upper Campus.  Due to the new routes, buses will no longer pass along the Madiba Circle hill, thereby reducing costs.  Students who drive by car and make use of the Stop and Drop area will also be required to change their normal route.

Despite the revisions, the usual number of buses will continue operating and will follow a strictly maintained schedule.  In addition, the same number of students – approximately 25 thousand per day – will be catered for with the new system.

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