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It’s gotten ugly folks

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Student Politics and its different dimensions have taken a new shape and form at NMMU with the Democratic Alliance Student Organisation (DASO) holding a press conference yesterday afternoon that seemingly went about exposing alleged corruption and maladministration within the ranks of student leadership and ultimately the university as a whole.

The DASO leadership has embarked on a mission that seeks to root out/ expose the financial shortcomings of the university as they allege that the student agenda has been put on the back burner and cronyism has prevailed. The allegations have generated major mileage for the party with the Herald and News24 covering the story.

The university itself has issued a statement distancing itself from DASO’s allegations saying that they are in uncertain terms unfounded and misguided. SASCO is yet to formally respond. One thing I know for sure though is that all these shenanigans really lament the power of the vote and how we as students should really go about READING and THINKING carefully before we vote for ANY political organisation come the 17th of September.

Things have gotten a whole lot more interesting; the plot thickens. After all, the future of young people is on the line.