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Intervarsity, is that you?

NMMU logo(photo courtesy of NMMU website)

NMMU logo(photo courtesy of NMMU website)


By virtue of being a campus stringer like myself, you often float in circles of people who are really decision makers regarding matters of student life and as such you are also exposed to information that is brewing in the ranks and that is yet to be disseminated to students. We are the 007’s of journalism, or maybe not.

Anyway, word from the grapevine seems to suggest that intervarsity will take place on the weekend of the 12th of September this year, in Alice of course. Transport will be provided for all those students who need it. It looks all though the protests at Fort Hare are a thing of the past and we just may be in for a rather successful event.

All of this is yet to be ratified by the relevant authoritative body, but I’m all but certain that the event will take place then. So, start saving and get ready for the intervarsity apocalypse, because it’s coming soon!