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Ikeys regain the Vino trophy



The Ikeys were crowned the 6th Vino Varsity Challenge Champions for 2014 in the annual competition hosted by Backsberg.

Vino Varsity is an inter-varsity wine-tasting competition where university wine societies are given a platform to demonstrate their wine knowledge and tasting skills.

Our Ikeys wrestled the title from Maties, who had held it for the past three years. The Ikeys team, made up of members of UCT’s student wine society, celebrated with a bottle of Backsberg 2004 Klein Babylonstoren, straight from the decanter trophy.

Maties were placed second and Tuks were third.

Ikeys’ Nick Hoernle said: “We’re so pleased that the trophy is back where it rightfully belongs! Go Ikeys!”

The judges were André Morgenthal, Wines of South Africa head of communications; Neil Grant, chairperson of the South African Sommeliers Association; and Ivan Oertle, Woolworths wine buyer.


Adapted from: UCTWebsite