Campus Life

GreenPop ReForest Festival

Written by Shirley Erasmus

If we’re sticking with the theme of Post- Oppi depression, and you can’t make it to
Rocking The Daisies- I have hope for you!

The GreenPop Forest Festival in Hogsback is in its third year running this year, but
the first time ever in the Eastern Cape and is sure to provide a weekend of awesome
music and real hippie vibes from the 12th

In partnership with Reliance Compost and Terra-Khaya, Greenpop are planning
to plant thousands of trees in the enchanted forests of Hogsback this September.

This incredible yellowood forest is home to the endangered Cape Parrot, and by
reforesting this incredibly special area we will be expanding the parrot’s habitat and
increasing the potential for the species to grow and thrive. This festival offers you
a chance to enjoy all the benefits of a music festival, while doing something very
concrete to save the earth.

This biodiversity hotspot in Hogsback has suffered a history of exploitation at the
hands of man and large areas of the forested region have been actively deforested
and degraded since the 1820s. Many key forest species, including Yellowwood
and Sneezewood have been removed for building purposes and the indigenous
forests of the area where seriously impacted. In order to combat the challenges
of forest degradation and the spread of invasive vegetation, Greenpop, The Cape
Parrot Project and Terra-Khaya Family & Eco Lodge are teaming up in September
to host a reforestation festival that empowers individuals to be part of the solution.

By planting thousands of indigenous trees, as well as removing alien trees and
spreading ecological awareness and knowledge, the Hogsback Reforest Fest will
begin to rebalance the disturbed forest communities in the area. Join the movement
to Reforest Hogsback, one tree and one person at a time.

If you are just as excited as I am to join in- check out their Facebook Event
for more info.