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Grahamstown Water- again!

Grahamstown Water- again.


While some people are electing to throw buckets of ice water over their heads, the majority of Grahamstown has been unable to participate in the ASL Bucket Challenge since an outage of water starting on Saturday evening.

Due to numerous circumstances, there is still a very visible shortage of water, with many businesses having to shut their doors due to the lack of water in town, for three days now. Last year the University was almost forced to close its doors due to a water outage that lasted almost two weeks, while Joza Township in Grahamstown went without water for months!

As frustrating as the situation can be Rhodes University has a well-meaning water outage protocol:
1. Bottled drinking water (2l per day) is provided to students in
affected residences
2. Water is provided for the flushing of toilets
3. Additional staff are provided to ensure the ablution areas are kept
hygienically clean
4. Toilet seat sanitizer is provided
5. Hygiene wet-wipes or waterless hand sanitizer is provided.
6. Water tanks outside the affected residences are filled on a rotation
basis using water tankers
7. Residences without water are twinned with residences which do have
water for the purposes of ablutions and laundry
8. An Emergency Water Action Team (EWAT) convenes during outages to
manage the outage situation on campus.

The lack of water has certainly created great community spirit- if you have water and your friend’s don’t- do them a favour and let the poor kids have a shower!