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Golden Key hosts its New Members Ceremony

Golden Key

Annually, the Golden Key International Honour Society hosts its New Members Ceremony. This year, over four hundred new members were inducted at this highly-distinguished event on our Bloemfontein Campus. 

Based on three pillars: academics, leadership and service, Golden Key prides itself in creating a well-rounded individual who excels academically, in leadership and in the community as well. 

During his key-note address, Dr Marcus Ingram made every new member feel welcome and embraced. “Be a person of good character, upholding high moral and ethical standards. Let honesty and fairness guide your every decision and excellence rule your every action. In this way, you and your society will prosper”. 

No matter where they find themselves now or where they came from, Dr Ingram said, they are of value and can make something great of their lives. 

“The key holder is a leader, but the greatest leader is the greatest servant. As a member of Golden Key International Honour Society, you have chosen to live as a seeker of wisdom with a lifestyle of service. You have demonstrated your ability; now fulfil your potential”. 

As each new member walked the stage, within them rested the knowledge: all their hard work had finally paid off.