Campus Life

Finally, it is here!



After weeks and weeks and weeks and weeks-okay, I’m sure you get the point; of suspense I am proud to announce that NMMU officially has a campus radio station, and boy oh boy is it beautiful. The radio station kicked off this morning at about 8:00 with a show that is called-“the ultimate take-off”, a show that consists of two hosts, a news reader and a sports reader.

The radio station of course has a twitter page and a Facebook account that was a Buzz with excitement from all in sundry; more importantly the broader Student Population. If you don’t know how to connect to the radio station vibe, check out the stations Facebook page- Madibaz Radio or follow them on twitter @Madibazradio.

This radio station is really special good people, make sure you tune in so that we can all play a part in growing and developing the NMMU brand. Viva Madibaz radio Viva.


By Mabaso Majiza