Campus Life


Die Man Wat Wou Wees


Stellenbosch drama wunderkind Marthinus Basson brings to the stage yet another adaptation of classic theatre with a local flavour. This time around he’s chosen a work by Moliere for his personal touch to be added on, which will be showing at the Thom from the 23rd of September to the 27th, and again from the 30th to the 4th October. His plays are known for their fresh take on old ideas, always adding modern bite, and Stellenboschers are lucky enough to sample his talent before he inevitably moves on into a bright future. Play starts at 20:00, don’t be late! See below and on facebook for further info.

“Meneer Jordaan: Bellevillite and retailer of luxury cars, is a man with burning ambition. He hopes that his daughter, Skattebol, will eventually marry a millionaire – or at least a parliamentarian. But more than that, he hopes meet the fantastic Gugu-Lindiwe Madikijela-Lee-Jones, a celebrity (in his own words, a “star”) he is madly in love with. In preparation for his meeting he aims to “improve” himself by learning dancing and fighting skills, as well as spending his time (and money) with artists, fashion designers, philosophers and composers.

With the help of his friend in top circles, Dhameer, his dream of a lavish party for Gugu’s birthday becomes a reality – but many a twist and turn leads the evening to morph into a farce where Meneer Jordaan learns just how far he can fall out of favour – and be re-educated from scratch what it is “to just be”.

This contemporary telling of Molière’s hilarious farce “Le Bourgeois Gentilhomme” is peppered with local color and flavor. A satire for our time, with just a little bite …”