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Destiny arrives to much fanfare, but disappoints the critics

Image Source: Trusted Reviews

Image Source: Trusted Reviews

A fan of videogames? You’ve no doubt heard of Destiny then, the massively-multiplayer online shooter from Bungie. It enjoyed a worldwide release earlier this month, buttressed by an extensive marketing campaign that touted it to be the next Big Thing.

Turns out no game can live up to that sort of hype, especially if the hype is a lie. Destiny has been billed as an evolution of the action game, but if the majority of critics are to be believed, it’s really just a pretty face that feels flat.

Gamespot describes it as “pedestrian” while The Escapist bemoans it for being a “slog”. Both publications award it a rather damning 6/10, though they admit that the game is not without its merits. The Guardian is more positive, awarding the shooter an 8/10 but calling it “cold” and “clinical”.

All the same, Bungie probably won’t lose any sleep over the ratings. Long before Destiny was released gamers had already hurried to pre-order their copy, swayed by impressive pre-release footage. Thanks to canny marketing, Destiny is one of the industry’s fastest-selling new IPs.

Depressingly, it’s not the salvo into deep space we deserved, but a rather pedestrian Sci-Fi slog instead.