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De Wet Potgieter visits the University of the Free State



De Wet Potgieter is a well known investigative reporter who in 2013 was forced to retract after publishing a report on the active presence of Al-Qaeda in South Africa. Soon after the massacre at Westgate Mall in Nairobi, which made the involvement of the so-called “White Widow”- operating on an illegally acquired passport. The book is about the unraveling of the smoggy identity of a British woman and also reveals the identity of another-an Afrikaans speaking counter terrorist operative known as the “Black Widow”. The book is very carefully written and focuses on how, by taking advantage of corrupt state machinery,Al-Qaeda factions launch attacks in other African countries. Potgieter put in a lot of research in this phenomenal piece of work, and in reading the book, which I read a few pages, one gets to realize that even the State in its negligence is actually giving power to the country’s enemies. The book is not only riveting but eye opening. One can say it is not for the feeble minded or those who think they know the country’s politics or every door behind the state’s secret affairs. In some cases its evident that terrorist often develop a link in the government- it could even be the president.

The Department of Political studies and Governance is going to host a seminar with the one and only De Wet Potgieter,author of Black Widow White Widow, where he will be giving insight into his novel.

Date: Tuesday 23rd September 2014
Time: 14:00
Venue: FGG 202, Faculty of Humanities, Bloemfontein Campus
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