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Campus Diary Events- Rhodes University

Clearance Sale



1)    27th: Wednesday Nights are Back with a clearance sale at The Rhodes Sports Bar! Check out the event on Facebook for more info:


2)    29th: Great Gatsby Masquerade Ball: See the Facebook Event for more info:


3)    29th: Drosty Hall Fashion Show at Prime Night Club! Drostdy Hall presents The Fashion Show. Dubbed #DrostdyGlitz, the show will be a platform showcasing local fashion, local designers, local creations and Grahamstown’s take on the meaning on the word ‘fashion’. Check out the Facebook Event for more information:

4)    30th: Deep on Deck hosted by Mixlab at the Union! Come by and catch the best in local house performers! Check out the Facebook Event for more details:

5)    30th: Open Mic night: ‘Lets Talk about Gender’ at Olde 65. For more information on this event check out the Facebook event: