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It has come to my attention that there are a limited amount of bursaries for students studying the above mentioned course. It worries me a great deal that our country is focusing all its attention on science and research while neglecting psychology as a whole. It is hard for students in this field to pursue funding as they can only obtain loans. I can assure you  that if this faculty were given a chance to prove its skills in this field, then surely a progress will be seen in the field of psychology and criminology as what is done is highly important and should be taken into consideration. Some students in this field of study are not able to finish their studies as  they do not have a stable financial support system at home or anywhere else. I would figure one of the contributing factors to lack of funding would be that people have the misconception or misguided thinking that psychology is about talking to people about their feelings and in a certain extent it includes that and a whole lot more. Psychology is the study of the human mind and body, it is physically paying attention and observing overt behavior of individuals in different and even the same situations. It contains a lot of research that is meticulously written and proven by experts. It would be a great stepping stone if students in this field are presented with more funding so as to increase our graduates in this field just try, at least!


By Ntaoleng Labane